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Online Backup

What is Online Backup ?

Most PC users have lost or accidentally deleted files at some point, or have fallen victim to hackers and computer viruses contributing to the uneasiness they feel about the safety of their files. Few people take the time to regularly back up their PCs, and as the volume of user-generated content grows, IBSS Nepal is offering to secure and maintain valuable subscriber data. These managed services provide customers with peace of mind by protecting important files, and enabling them to easily access and share content online or via their mobile handset.

Key Features

The Online Backup service provides subscribers with several options to protect their files from loss or corruption.

  • Automated backups allow users to regularly save their photos, music, and documents to a secure online location.
  • Seamless backup recovery allows users to easily get back or transfer files or folders from their online storage area.
  • Multiple PC and multi-user backups enable the entire household to save and manage files under a single ISP account.

The Web Storage & Sharing service includes tools for subscribers to manage their online files from anywhere.

  • A secure browser interface allows users direct access to their online files from any PC.
  • Enjoy stored media by viewing photos, playing a slideshow, watching a video, listening to music or downloading files.
  • Online file-sharing permits family and friends the ability to easily exchange backed-up content such as photos.