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IBSS Nepal Mobile Dialer

IBSS Nepal Mobile Dialer is one of the best Dialer in the market. Which remove all blockages and has crystal clear sound quality.
Our state of the art technology enables anyone to make and receive phone calls anywhere in the world if you have WIFI, 3G or GPRS connection.

We offer feature-rich and cost effective communication services that offer users an experience similar to traditional telephone services.

Who Needs IBSS Talk?

Tired and frustrated with outrageous mobile phone bills and inconvenient calling cards, we racked our brains for an easier way to make inexpensive.
International calls directly from mobile phones. It’s a unique software application that is downloaded directly onto the mobile phone.

It worked so well and saved us so much money that we decided to share it with you.

How Does IBSS Nepal Mobile Dialer Work?

  • Caller needs to download a small application (Mobile Dialer) on to his/her Mobile Handset by connecting to the internet (ether using WiFi or 3G or GPRS)
  • The Mobile Dialer Automatically gets the required information in it.
  • Caller just needs to enter the IBSS Nepal Mobile Dialer User Name and password given by us. (If you do not have one click here)
  • Sometimes you need to put extension number if you want to call a PBX number. Don’t worry just press the number as it says. We have DTMF facility too.
  • The application uses the internet connection (GPRS or 3G or Wi-Fi) to establish the call.
  • Now enjoy the lower cost call

IBSS Nepal Mobile Dialer’s Feature

  • Can you please tell us what is blockage? IBSS Nepal Mobile Dialer can register from anywhere in the world.
  • IBSS Nepal Mobile Dialer has incoming facilities.
  • IBSS Nepal Mobile Dialer supports DTMF. So you can call any number in the world.
  • Display Current balance/Credit and call duration
  • Choose Number from the phone contact list
  • Call Logs (Incoming and Outgoing) including duration of call
  • IBSS Nepal Mobile Dialer works behind NAT and Firewall
  • IBSS Nepal Mobile Dialer automatically shows Last call cost, call duration and destination number after ending an outgoing call