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About Us

IBSS Nepal believes that technology, harmonizing with the right people, practices and vision, can provide an important competitive edge in today’s ever-changing business world. IBSS Nepal is a unique telecommunication service provider committed to the mission of providing very specialized, qualities and dedicated communication services to the all range of subscriber whether residential or commercial.

We are committed to our wide range of customer’s satisfaction. We know that in order for our client’s to satisfaction, it is not enough for us to just be technology experts. We must dedicate our satisfactory services and products and as well as ourselves to all of our clients.

IBSS Nepal is a communication service provider that is growing very fast with the latest technologies and implementation of that technology. IBSS Nepal offers different types of telecom services like long distance voice and VoIP equipments to a huge range of customers across Canada.

IBSS Nepal believes reliability, performance and value. We deliver a complete range of specially designed savings plans for both residential and corporate users. Customers have a choice of services that include economical local line access, long distance services including IP Telephony, Calling Cards, ANI Services, Local or DID Services etc. With continual research and direct connections to the world’s most efficient telecommunications systems, IBSS Nepal is offering quality service and revolutionary savings to all their customers. Growing network of satisfied customers is testament to IBSS Nepal’s commitment to service and determination to remain competitive.

IBSS Nepal has built a solid organization. It has the support infrastructure that ensures the clients satisfaction and reliable services and solutions with the quick and efficient results. Our support team offers our clients with the latest information on IBSS Nepal products and services and about the technology changes and updates.

Saving With IBSS Nepal

Best Rates… Do not forget to check our Rate List on the web and compare with other service providers; we continuously strive to reduce our rates in order to improve the savings to our valued customer.

No monthly fee… We do not charge any monthly fee and all the credit is consumed as you use.

No PIN… You do not have to press any PIN numbers to make your long distance calls. IBSS makes your dialing more than easier.

Easy Refill… IBSS Nepal provides you the variety of way to recharge your account any time of the day. You can only use your Telephone to recharge or internet or you can buy recharge card to refill your account.

Convenient Payment...We have several modes of payment ranging from Cash to Direct Debit to Credit Card Payments. Online payment options makes the IBSS customers life much easier.

24/7 Support… IBSS Nepal is committed to provide its valuable customer 24 hours a day and 7 days a week customer support and service. We care about our customers satisfaction. And more…